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Couples Therapy

Ring the bells that still can ring.  Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.                                       From Leonard Cohen "Anthem".

As a married couple of 31 years, we provide both personal and professional experience in helping couples improve their relationships. As therapists with over 35 years experience, we work together with the couple providing a unique therapeutic experience. We find that this joint work helps both partners in the relationship feel understood and accepted without either feeling left out. Couples can also observe and learn from our interactions as a married couple during their sessions. Our philosophy of working with couples is based on research of how people actually connect with each other, and more importantly, maintain those connections. 

Most couples intuitively know when they feel connected or disconnected from one another. Couples often feel disconnected during times of stress when they need each other the most for emotional support. Positive events such as the long awaited birth of a child or a retirement can be as stressful as negative events. 

With a pattern of disconnection, couples begin to become more distant and rely less on each other during times of distress. This leads to each person feeling alone and isolated often questioning whether it is worth continuing the relationship.

Our focus and goal is to help couples change their emotional reactions and interpersonal patterns of relating that lead to disconnection. Couples learn how to do this during their sessions and then learn how to repair their relationship at home. This is based on a structured approach by Dr. Susan Johnson called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Individual Therapy

Each of us also provide individual therapy with an emphasis on establishing a safe and secure therapeutic relationship, While growing up in our families, we often adopt certain attitudes and expectations which can both help and hinder us during our adult life. Becoming aware of these attitudes can help us modify them when necessary so that we respond to changing circumstances in a flexible manner. 

Please call or email either one of us for a couples or individual therapy consultation today.